How to declare or switch into History

1. Browse the History Undergraduate website for information about our courses and requirements. Sign up for office hours with the DUS or ADUS

2. Insofar as possible please bring a completed plan of study and your computer to office hours. It’s fine to come with questions to discuss before finalizing the plan of study.

Instructions to fill out a plan of study can be found here. Please be sure to push “Visible to Advisor” button on your online plan of study so the DUS and ADUS can view it. The History DUS or ADUS needs to approve your plan of study before you can join the concentration.

3. Submit your declaration or change of concentration form on my.harvard. 

Instructions for submitting can be found here.

Once submitted, the History DUS and ADUS will be prompted to approve or deny your application. You will be notified once they have responded. 

You are also welcome to meet with the History Advisor at your House to discuss your interests and requirements in History.  To find out the name of your History House Advisor, click here. 

In addition please feel free to write to Peer Concentration Counselors in your House or in another House whose profiles seem of interest.